Thursday, January 29, 2009


I watched Blood Diamond some years back and the expression T.I.A. has stuck on till now and it gives me much understanding to what is going on around this wonderful continent. There has been change of Government in Ghana and so everything is changing. Members of bodys of state institutions, heads of institutions and a whole lot me.

I was disgusted when somebody was trying to justify his claim that the chief Justice should resign and said his reason was simply because the Justice system was not working. I just thought there and then, every other person in any other sector of the state should resign because the whole state system doesn't function.

The constitution should also be resigned if any such statement does exist. Let us take the instance where the constitution makes provision for multiparty democracy but when it comes to the legislature, there are provision for just two sides of the house of parliament by parliamentary standing orders. Isn't that a constitutional breach?

Think about this and other buggling issues and see how many other persons you would want to resign in Ghana.

But like the saying goes "T.I.A, This Is Africa. Everything and anything is possible!