Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am back

There are so many graduate on the job market looking for jobs today but i guess the claim is that there are no job. Or just maybe people are reserving the jobs for their relations or to get into innocent girls' panties.

What really get to me today in Ghana is the so-called job agencies and the so-called career development training programmes organised by consults or something of that sort. The idea does not disgust me so much as to the huge sums of money they take from job seekers before they help them find jobs or train them for the job market.

First of all if there is so much need for those trainings they seem to purport to offer, i think that the various universities and polytechnics should be closed down because they are a waste of peoples' time and money and not giving them the training they need for the job market.

If a person has those huge sums of money demanded for these training and placement programmes, why will they bother to look for work in the first place. I wouldn't! i might as well start my own thing!

It brings me to my big worry all the time. Ghanaians can copy but do not know how to copy to benefit us. We take everything we see in its totality and try to force it down on ourselves.

No wonder a former president of this nation went for a loan to buy snow ploughers.

I hope I didn't start on too high a note.

Let see what comes next.