Tuesday, March 31, 2009

choralfest 2009


I am sure people will wonder what is this moron upto this time round. It is simple. I am just making a fool of myself and making people happy. Yes! making people happy! I live in Africa, the temperature is usually 30 degree celsius and above, during the day and when you go to work by "trotro" in a suit, your superiors say, you look smartly dressed and business-like.

What is wrong with us? I am suffocating and feeling disgusting and you call that "smart". I put on suit when i have a lift in an air-conditioned car to a place where the ac is on. that is the truth and people think i am always underdressed because i don't put on suit.

Once a while i will please my employer and superior but i will not kill myself for that! Enjoy!