Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This is going to be the first blog I have written since I left the shores of Ghana. It was a nice experience from Ghana to Norway through Holland. I loved what I saw on my way from Holland to Norway. Nature at its best! Nice mountains with snow covering it. It was a beautiful scene.

It is more beautiful on the ground in fact than up there. Ironic you see? Most countries are nicer when viewed from the top but that is not the same for Norway. It is much beautiful from down here. Beautiful undisturbed environment. You know I actually saw a fox and a moose!

What fascinates me most was the fact that I had a serious argument with my girlfriend without evidence, I lost big time. I argued that when she picked me from the airport at about 5pm and we drove 35minutes to the house, eat the food she made upon our getting home, I slept at 6pm.

Well don’t blame me for being damn! Here is Koo Blacky who sees day light till 6pm and it is all dark in Norway where at 1am, during this time sometimes there is still day light. Stupidly, I argued that it was six when I went to bed but actually it was pass 8pm.

Travel and see! It got me right there and then. I guess I shouldn’t be recounting all that I have seen so I will just tell you about a special day I witnessed, 17th May. My Gf kept fussing about us going on a parade on 17th May. I didn’t want to go but everybody I visited insisted I go so I gave it a try and man! almost all the 15,000 inhabitants of this town where in the streets. It is really national day for them. Everybody join in the street parade everywhere in the country they had the march. It was very interesting.

I will just end here and tell you a bit of my experience with the people in my subsequent blogs.