Friday, February 27, 2009

Ghana Politics

There is one man I don't want to argue about in Ghana politics. It is either our historians did a bad job with hsi records or we are just bad at keeping records of him. When a child is in low primary to secondary school, Nkrumah is painted as a saint. When you get to the university and study Ghana's foreign policy under nkrumah, history of Ghana or Political Science, he is a demon beyond repair.

What irony!!!

I listened to a part of some argument on this Demon-God Nkrumah on the radio whiles in a Taxi. The first speak spoke so badly of the man Nkrumah, so i just guessed he had studied some of those university books about Nkrumah. Then came the other speak who i must say if i knew by name i would have mentioned.(his arguement was too flawed to me)

His response was, a survey was conducted on world leaders over a 100years and Nkrumah was adjudged the most popular one amongs them so he couldn't be a bad person and that all the arguments of his opponent were not true.

I said to the taxi driver; Osama bin Laden is more popular than anybody in this world, is he a good man or does it mean he did not do what is said he did?

That is the question for today and that is the truth about arguments in Ghanaian Politics.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I haven't gotten much to say these days. Well, this is because nothing is happening around. Just our everyday misbehaviour which one cannot devote all his time writing about. I am on a road trip this weekend. from one point far south, to another post head north. It is going to be fun considering we will be travelling like for 12 hours.

I Hope it turns out fun like it did four years back when we made a similar trip up north to Tamale. Tell you more about it when i return.