Monday, December 22, 2008


I had no plans of writing this week but I guess I have been prompted by a programme that run yesterday morning on BBC Network Africa programme to put down these few words.

There is this saying in Akan which goes like this: “if you don’t have money you claim black magic (for money) is bad”. I heard one of the candidates of the December 7 election in Ghana: Edward Mahama say that in Ghana we practice “Moneythocracy”. Don’t mind my spelling I am yet to ask him how it is spelt since he coined that term. One will ask what is His reason for saying that? He claimed that in Ghana, the political parties with enough funds at their disposal win election and for that matter we do not practice democracy but “moneythocracy”.

I will want somebody to tell me one country in this world where political parties don’t need money to win elections. Did I hear during the democratic primaries Barack Obama raise so much money than his fellow contestants? Did I hear and see him win the primaries and subsequently the presidential elections in USA?

Per chance are they practicing “moneythocracy” in America too? I don’t know why people always want to find faulter with things related to Africa especially when they are at the losing end. Don’t misunderstand me I don’t mean any other people but Africans. If you read this and you know of any political party which won election without spending money, and lots of it, let me know so that I can go learn from them because I want to aspire to the office of the president of the republic of Ghana and I don’t have money to do so, so I will opt for the alternative way to win election and not through the barrel of the gun.

I am disappointed in my name-sake’s comment and I believe he should think carefully about his comments before he makes them especially when it has a large listening audience as BBC has. Probably, my friend Dr. Mahama should start looking for ways to raise enough money to win political power so that he can come and help transform our economy but if he wants to sit back and lose all the time and claim we don’t practice democracy in Ghana, I am afraid he is ridiculing himself.
Ghana is practicing a democratic system which is maturing by the day and which is the envy of our fellow African nations and nothing whatsoever any body says can change my mind.
Let assess these facts, but for this year’s election that the USA had a massive voter turn up, Ghana had been recording a much better voter turn than they had at least during the 2000 and 2004 elections. Our basic human rights records keep improving by the day. There is rule of law, the basic freedom of expression is working at least at the minimal levels, , yes, there are a few questions, but these questions border more on “over liberalization” than suppression of mass media.

These I believe are some of the important measures of the democracy. Therefore if anyone wants to say something about the governance system in Ghana, the fellow should check the facts first of all before he or she commits a serious scholarly blunder.

With all apologies to Edward Mahama, he could have said something else.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


People always are waiting for times such as these to show love to others and to set up visions and target for their lives. I love one song by a musician who i am not fond of but she always gets my sympathy when i hear that song "don't save it all for christmas day, find a way to show a little love everyday."

That is very true, if we show a little love everyday this world will be a better place but we always save it up for christmas.

A man lost his job and was very sick at that time from the circumstances surrounding his loss of job. He had a friend who was well to do enough to help this sick man but didnot. During a family meeting with his wife and kids about what to do for christmas, the daughter suggested he paid his sick friend's hospital bill as his christmas gift to the sick friend.

Unfortunately, the night before christmas, his friend who was sick at home passed away. His christmas gift was never to be. What if we could do that little everyday, wouldn't we move forward together.

In another vain, peoples' christmas list a made up of people the know very well and people they know will give them something back even if not this year, the next year or in the course of the year. That i am sorry to say is not giving, it is bating. Bating someone to give you something by doing it first.

We need to share the things we have with those who don't have so that the world will be a little bit more balanced. What can you give to someone who has that will be of value, it is the act itself not the thing. what difference will what you give make in the person's life?

To he who has not, whatever you give is worthy of being received and valued and treasure. whey wait till christmas, why wait that long enough till you gift is not needed.

Just give a little Love everyday.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


You know the kind of people who make the world move in the right direction, Mathematicians. I love them! If you want to play very good football, you must like matchs because that is all the coaches talk about! 4 4 2, 5 3 2, 4 3 3, 4 3 2 1, and many more. You can't understand that? You can't play good football.

I guess it is one of the reasons i liked mathematics. When i entered the university, i was studying political science and Kiswahili as my majors after studying business in High school. One thing i like about swahili was that i could always do mathematics with the grammar so it wasn't so much work for me. Anyway, enough of my deviation. I like maths, and change as my theme, what correlation is there between these two?

I always here people say.... "CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT THING IN LIFE". then again you here people complain that human beings don't like CHANGE. I am going to try to show how this assession is wrong with this little bit of maths and logic.

Supposing the statement; CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT THING IN LIFE, is true, then it means change is CONSTANT.

Mathematically stated


Thus if human want change, it means the want CONSTANT which we know is not change because;




Thus we can argue that

CONSTANT (which is not wanting Change) = CHANGE.

Thus by not wanting change as human beings, we actually want change. we don't want constant things. If we argue that humans fear change, it means humans fear constant things. Thus in effect Humans donot fear change but constant things.

I guess I am getting back in my controversial things again. Well you can't blame me, it is just mathematics. I bet someone I know very well will be bitting the teeth saying auhh! this boy is going to drive me crazy cos She hates maths but I just LOVE maths and want to apply it, but i Love her more!

You might disagree with my arguement but you may not be able to disapprove it mathematically!