Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back in Business

I decided not to write again but i changed my mind. I want to express my disgust at how young people like myself and others in our beloved country, Ghana are treated. I have said at many different platforms that the institutions in out country do not work. Many young people who live in this same system complain about the same thing but nobody takes notice. Not politicians, not the media. everybody believe it is not so until ......?????

Nobody care what we say as young citizens of Ghana unless we put on party colour and join the older folk to throw dust in the eyes of the citizens. Then they listen! But is that the kind of nation we want to build? One in which a person can comment og give an opinion on issues only when one puts on a particular political party colour? Dr. Aning of Kofi Annan Peace Keeping Training Centre claims the security system is not functioning.

As a security expert is he noticing that today or is it just an opportune time to say it? Which institution in Ghana can he say with confidence is functioning properly apart from the institution of "Bribbery and Corruption". He might get listened to because he is an "expert". That is what we all have to be then. Experts! Then we will get some attention when we speak outside the political platform.

Some of the things we complain about to politicians do not get noticed because we do not have expert attached to our names. Say i repeat myself by talking about filth and my conversation with one former deputy minister of trade whiles he was still in office. He thought i was crazy. But i knew that approach i proposed would help but where did it get? Nowhere! Because i am no expert. I was just an overzealous university undergraduate who loves his country. And that is a sin!

I will have to comeback to this topic some other time. For now i have to go and study to become an expert before YOU will take me serious.

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